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Judy I. writes: "Great news..the shade cloth is up...oh my gosh..what a job it was this time...the one shade cloth was in such bad shape, that Brad and crew  used the old good one from the other side with major modifications, and of course our new one....we now have new cables, extra strength corners that have been re-enforced so that the wind won't tear them out as it has in the past, and he put it all on sliding clamps instead of zip ties that didn't move. .. It took Brad 2 1/2 days to make this work.  Bill, from Perkins helped all day yesterday..Both men took off of work to get this done....I was there to add humor...This shade cloth should be a major  improvement over all that we have had to work on in the past.. A very big thank you to these two guys...


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Purchase a brick for our patio to commemorate your family or business.

1. Link to the pdf here. Print it.

2. Fill it in clearly.

3. Attach your check.

4. Mail it to Descanso Town Hall, PO Box 484, Descanso, Ca. 91916.


All about Descanso days - July 7. See the poster here.


Descanso Town Hall     Click here to see more views of our "Raise the Roof" project.



Keep in shape with one of our fitness classes. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.




Our historic building needs repairs and we hope to start some of them soon. From 1899 when local citizens built the hall to now, it has served as a place for people to come together for many events. Read about it on our Descanso History page. Please make a donation soon.



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