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Support the Town Hall Association and help keep the spirit of Descanso alive.

Membership registrations are due July 1. There is an application in each DTHA Newsletter in addition to the online form, which you can access using the link below. Applications are also available at the Fair.

For a donation of as little as $25.00, you are entitled to the membership benefits of receiving our regular newsletter and discounted Town Hall rental rates. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. The Descanso Town Hall relies on membership fees to maintain regular expenses. Please join now and remember to rejoin every July. Town Hall members receive reduced rental rates for using the Town Hall on special occasions. Members are encourage to attend the monthly Descanso Town Hall Association meetings. They may vote on all issues and bring up any issues or concerns they may have. You donít have to be a resident of Descanso to become a member.

As a member, you also receive our regular newsletter which keeps you up-to-date on community events and all Town Hall and Descanso news. If you have a business, we offer low advertising rates and classified ad rates. You can also write a story about an upcoming event or just a funny or interesting bit of gossip that we will print in the newsletter for free. Members are encouraged, but not required to volunteer. We are always in need of volunteers for various events. You donít have to be a member to volunteer. Even the smallest amount of time is helpful. Please email Peter Bradley to volunteer.

Please click here to access a membership form.
(You can print a blank form, or fill out and print the completed form.
You cannot save a completed copy.)

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